Paso Fino Horses for Show and Trail

Photo Credit: Nicole Rodriguez

Growing up in a ranching family in Mexico, Angel learned to ride as soon as he could walk and participated in cattle drives as soon as he could reliably dally a rope on the saddlehorn. He came to Paso Finos after a stint in racing thoroughbreds and hasn't looked at other breeds since. "This breed is so sensitive and smart, you always, always have to treat them with respect," he says.

Youngstock are started with imprinting and thorough handling, then gradually progress to round pen work where they are desensitized and taught basic commands before they are backed for the first time. Once the horse is safely under saddle owners are encouraged to visit and ride frequently to create a strong bond and build confidence in both horse and rider, so that by the time a team leaves the farm they are ready for whatever challenges they may choose.

About the Trainer: Meet Angel Flores

Training Services

Training is the art of creating a team between you and your horse and it's what we do best. From basic saddle training to problem correction to show preparation, the compassionate, skilled training is all done by a professional Paso Fino trainer with years of experience. Our training fee includes lessons for the owner, not just the horse, so whether you are hitting the trails or competing in shows you'll get the most out of your Paso. Our rates are reasonable and multi-horse discounts are available. Call or use our Contact Us form to schedule a farm visit and to discuss your horses individual needs.

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