Paso Fino Horses for Show and Trail

2015 Stud fee:  $700 LFG, multiple mare discounts possible.

Juan Miguel del Prado (Nevado x Margarita del Prado)

Juan Miguel del Prado represents the perfect blend of Nevado, Majestuoso and Hilachas lines. From his sire, Nevado, Juan Miguel received not only the trademark Nevado rabicano 'ticking' in his lustrous bay coat, but also his precise and tireless gait. From his maternal grandparents he received height, phenomenal hocks and the refined and elegant 'Hilachas head'.

Juan is a multi-time Grand National Champion in Bella Forma and is a proven producer, with over 75 babies on the ground. He was named as one of the most influential stallions in the Mejia book "The Colombian Paso Fino" and was featured in a Robert Vavra book as a stellar example of the Paso Fino breed. He passes to his offspring his temperament, conformation and elegant head, creating foals that are competitive in everything from limited distance endurance to National Pleasure and Performance classes.

Juan is an excellent choice for the mare owner looking to add height, refinement and range of motion to their breeding program. Offspring of Juan Miguel del Prado are eligible for the National and Mason-Dixon Futurity programs<>

2015 Stud fee:  $1200 LFG, multiple mare discounts possible.

Laberinto was sired by the incomparable Patrimonio del Ocho, a fino stallion in Colombia, SA who was declared Fuera de Concurso (literally "out of competition") due to his resounding dominance in the show ring. Patrimonio exemplified a quality breeding stallion in that he passed his genetic superiority, as demonstrated by his three World Cup Champion Classic Fino sons. This line is widely acknowledged as one of the purest expressions of the Colombian Paso FIno.

Laberinto was imported from Colombia at the side of his dam, Joya de la Luisa. Joya herself possessed excellent bloodlines since she was a Rescate daughter and traced to Resorte III and Cerezo through her dam. The cross between Joya and Patrimonio means that Laberinto is linebred on Cerezo, a foundational sire for the Paso Fino breed. 

Laberinto represents the essence of the pura raza Colombiano. He has excellent conformation and brio, with a fluid, rapid and balanced gait, but also a gentle and sweet temperament which he passes to his offspring. He represents an excellent opportunity to add top-notch bloodlines to your breeding program. Offspring of Laberinto are also eligible for the National, Mason-Dixon and Piedmont Futurity programs.

Laberinto de la Luisa (Patrimonio del Ocho x Joya de la Luisa)


What makes a superior Paso Fino stallion? All of the same traits that make a great horse: sound conformation, a willing attitude, the hard-to-define brio and, above all, gait. But a quality Paso Fino stud must go beyond his personal performance and abilities; he must be able to reliably transmit these qualities to his offspring. Hacienda Radiante is proud to stand several exceptional stallions. Shipped chilled semen and live cover are available. We invite you to come and see these proven studs and ride or handle their offspring to find the perfect match for your mare.

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